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About A&K in Europe 

Our Pan-European, multi-destination A&K services remain as important today as they were 25 years ago, pulling together operations across the continent, and working with a well-established, unique and sophisticated network of specialist offices, Regional Directors, Guardian Angels and local guides. 

It is this structure that gives us the unrivalled ability to deliver both specialist local destination management services and high quality, multi-destinational Group and FIT itineraries across Europe. Our creative ideas, products, service and prices are sourced by our own local specialist teams. The biggest advantage being that we can offer an insider's angle on all the most poignant aspects of Europe's cultural heritage and contemporary life. 

We are renowned for our use of innovation to ensure that travel across Europe is made in the most comfortable ways possible. Our Private Villas, bespoke luggage handling service and Concierge Rail are unique and designed to deliver the best in contemporary travel and make the very most of travel time available. We also offer some of the best known European tour directors in the industry such as Simon Butler-Madden, whose personal perspective across our regions is both enlightening and profoundly entertaining. 

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