Highlights of Brazil

Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Once the capital of the State of Brazil, the Kingdom of Portugal, the Brazilian Empire and the Republic of Brazil, Rio is an exotic destination that combines history, sophistication and a wealth of insider opportunities. A visit to Brazil is not complete with experiencing the Cidade Maravilhosa (the Marvellous City) of Rio, arguably among the world`s most beautiful cities boasting a contrast of blue skies, cyan seas and lush green forest.

The Iguassu Falls The Iguassu Falls

The Iguassu Falls

Not just a point where three nations converge, Iguassu Falls is the keeper of the secrets and traditions of the local indigenous cultures who inhabit this part of our continent. The falls boast incredible views, amazing activities and the beautiful power of nature, through the strength of the falling water.

Salvador da Bahia Salvador da Bahia

Salvador da Bahia

Founded in 1549, it was Brazil’s first capital and is currently the third largest city. This UNESCO heritage site city is noted for its cuisine, music and architecture, which are result of an interestingly beautiful combination of European, African and South American practices and traditions.

Manaus Manaus


Witness the power of nature as you venture deep into the mythic Amazonia. Feel like a real 15th century explorer as you make your way through the vast jungle and experience close encounters with colorful macaws and playful monkeys. Sense the immense love affair between the world’s largest river and the world’s largest rainforest.

Pantanal Pantanal


South America’s wildlife sanctuary is found here, in the largest tropical wetland. It is so large that it knows no borders and extends 195.000 km2 through Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay; a true natural wonder. Besides the unique colorful fauna that is found in Pantanal, some of the species that call this place home include capybaras, tapirs, howler monkeys, caimans and jaguars. In fact, the Brazilian Pantanal is one of the only places you can see jaguars in the wild.

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