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Surprising Singapore | October 2021

I’m not a gambler by nature but if you were to ask me which country in Asia will be the first to reopen to welcome international travelers I would answer, “Singapore”. And if you were to ask me which country has the potential to become more popular in the post-pandemic world of travel, I would answer, “Malaysia”.

The Philippines - 7,000 Islands, 7,000 Surprises | August 2021

Summer rains are falling and I’m thinking about the sun and fun - crystalline waters, white sands and swaying coconut palms! Who wouldn’t like a hidden piece of paradise? Well, as the saying goes, paradise is much closer than you think.

Letter from Hong Kong: Hokkaido: A Land for All Seasons

Spring is in the air and for Japan, time to “think pink”. Yes, Hanami has arrived; the annual “viewing of the flowers” which, of course, means the delicate cherry blossom, so beloved by the Japanese.

The New Year of the Metal Ox: 金牛年

Festive greetings to our friends around the world for the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Metal Ox has arrived (on February 12 to be official). Despite the challenging times we are in, we are excited and ready to embrace the promise of this year.

Letter from Hong Kong: Hope for the Holidays

We are fortunate to work in a wonderful industry that rewards us in many intangible ways: a letter expressing thanks for the trip of a lifetime to the friends from far and wide who have touched our lives. This is the true meaning of travel – colleagues and friends celebrating the incredible diversity of our world.

Letter from Hong Kong: October 2020

It’s hard to believe but we are now 10 months into this unprecedented global challenge and are we any closer to returning to the world of “normal” in travel? We are confident travel will come back and there will be happy days ahead but for the “here” and the “now” I want to let our friends in the industry know we are thinking about you and hope you are all faring well.

Checking in Across Northeast Asia

This newsletter takes a closer look at what we have on our doorstep – stories and anecdotes from staff members in our region about what they have discovered, learned or experienced during these unprecedented times. We hope that you, like us, will see that even in the most challenging of situations, there is hope and discovery.

Late Night with The Orient

Characterized by its historical significance and ancient traditions, The Orient offers the opportunity to explore iconic architectures, royal palaces and museums. The Orient also offers a bustling and energetic nightlife, often overlooked by guests to the region. 

Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolution in the Orient

2018 is drawing to a close, so now is a good time to start thinking about the New Year’s Resolutions we want to make for 2019: the Year of the Pig. Here at A&K Hong Kong our top three resolutions are to spend more time with family, to stay healthy and to be more adventurous.

Autumn in the Orient 

As we start to leave behind a hot and humid summer, we are looking forward to a cooler, yet normally still mild and dry, autumn. September to November are the perfect months for outdoor activities, bringing with them more comfortable temperatures and colorful scenery.


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