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India Newsletter Archive


A&K India Newsletter | October 2020

September 2020 saw the reopening of Taj Mahal among other historical monuments of Agra. Read more about that in this newsletter as well as an account of the classical dance form of Odissi, a must-see performance on your bucket list when you travel to India next. We have also highlighted a couple of easy to make recipes to tempt your tastebuds. One of our colleagues has shared his stories of India; these, certainly, make for an inspiring read for travel lovers!

A&K India Newsletter | August 2020

In this edition, we have brought forth an interesting recipe from the verdant plains of Bengal, travel tales from one of our colleagues, and some intriguing tit-bits on the awe-inspiring mansions of Chettinad and the martial art - Kalaripayattu.  

A&K India Newsletter | June 2020

After over two months of inevitable lockdown, India is slowly and gradually opening up its economy and embracing the “new normal”. We re-opened our offices in May with limited staff and adhered to all necessary health and safety protocols. Our teams remain dedicated and have worked on renewed protocols for our clients, conducted webinars, customised exquisite itineraries, among others. Meanwhile, let India continue to enchant you. Savour the delicate aroma of Kerala cuisine, unlock tribal culture in Odisha, lend an ear to travel tales from one of our colleagues

A&K India Newsletter | March 2020

India’s multifaceted offerings cover wide ground including towering mountains, arid deserts, rich biodiversity and colonial history & heritages. India is also a key destination for spirituality & wellness. Explore a few of these locations in the coming months.

A&K India Newsletter | January 2020

For 2020, we have compiled a host of exciting experiences, some of which have been highlighted in this newsletter. Perched in the Himalayas, Dharamshala has immense cultural and historical significance. With a few good hotels cropping up in the city, we definitely urge guests to put Dharamshala on their bucket lists. Bhopal, too, is known for its heritage, some of which can be traced all over the city. Renewal of wedding vows can be an immersive experience and a foray into the essence of the country while creating lasting memories. Lastly, we have highlighted some of our favorite vibrant festivals that can be enjoyed by people from all over the world.

A&K India Newsletter | November 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we look back at this eventful year that was. From welcoming A&K Private Jets to rolling out the red carpets for royalties in regal Rajasthan, from wildlife safaris spying on Royal Bengal Tigers to bird watching in Gujarat, our guests had exciting times exploring the beautiful country in fresh and interesting ways. The team, here, has dedicated themselves to unlocking new experiences in destinations old and new. We travel extensively all over the country in the aim of developing and bringing forth novelty in our clients’ itineraries. There have been some exquisite dear diary moments which we thought we would share with you.

A&K India Newsletter | September 2019

India, since a few millennia, have received keen travelers and explorers from all around the world. Their accounts about the country’s culture, lifestyle of the people and economy, have generated much curiosity; an interest that is rampant even today. Keeping this in mind, we have put together a few interesting experiences that our guests might like to include in their itineraries when they next visit India. 

A&K India Newsletter | July 2019

From migration with the nomadic tribes of Gujarat to glamping amidst the wilderness of Dera Amer, near Jaipur, exploring India's diversity is spellbinding. Thus, we urge travellers to step away from the well-trodden paths and traverse the off beat ones

A&K India Newsletter | May 2019

Rajasthan never fails to surprise the discerning traveller. From Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, the epicenter of royal Rajasthani luxury and hospitality to Narlai, a quaint little town brimming with traditions and little indulgences, inspiration is all around. 

In recent times, we have taken our intrepid travellers on adventurous, yet luxurious escapes to Bhutan and Nepal. Perched on the lap of the towering Himalayas, these beautiful countries beckon one and all to sample its bouquet of offerings!

 Mandala making and more in Bhutan

A&K India Newsletter | March 2019

India’s manifold offerings is not limited to its awe-inspiring monuments and stupendous landscapes; its essence can also be found in its culture, in the day-to-day lives of its locals, in its cuisines, in its crafts and creations, in its festivals and so much more.

As always, India beckons with new perspectives and new ideas to explore the country with.

A&K India Newsletter | January 2019

Around the world, the appeal of cultural tourism is growing and as we step into a new year, we deepen our endeavour towards meaningful travel, this time with a special focus on engaging with people and their ways of life.


A&K India Newsletter | October 2018

With another year drawing to a close, we have, as always, brought forth a gamut of niche experiences for our guests to indulge in, certainly in the new year but also in what is left of 2018. River cruises in eastern India are an interesting way to unlock the region. Moving across the country to Mumbai, Bohri cuisine is a unique culinary discovery that we want to share with our guests; we are sure they will love it as much as we do! While there, they may also want to spend a day with the iconic Dabbawalas. 


A&K India Newsletter | June 2018

We recognise that our patrons not only want to taste exquisite Indian food but would also like to be involved in the process of picking out ingredients; they want to spend some time with a local family learning about the customs and culture. Whether it be homestays down south in Kerala or tracking snow leopards in the towering mountains of Ladakh, we have tried to bring snippets of such experiences in this newsletter.


A&K India Newsletter | April 2018

We promise exclusive, customised and meticulously planned vacations to ensure an enriching, once-in-lifetime experience for our patrons. Get a flavour of a few of these experiences in this newsletter.


A&K India Newsletter | January 2018

In this New Year edition of our newsletter, read about the new experiences one can look forward to in this ultimate diverse destination, India.




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