FD Gaucho Heritage at San Antonio de Areco

Duration: 1 day

Highlights: San Antonio de Areco, Ricardo Güiraldes Gaucho Museum, Estancia El Rosario de Areco

Gaucho heritage at a traditional local estancia

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Today, meet your host at the pier and begin this tour to the Argentine countryside where you will learn about our Gaucho heritage and enjoy an exceptional day at a traditional local estancia.

San Antonio de Areco is a town located 113 Km away from Buenos Aires city, only a 130-minute drive, right in the center of the pampas on the banks of the Areco stream. It is a place with history and tradition, an ancient settlement of the province of Buenos Aires which keeps the singular architectural lines of the colonial buildings of the 14th century. It is the land of Don Segundo Sombra, probably the most famous gaucho. This picturesque town is the best place to discover the gaucho life and customs Ricardo Güiraldes Gaucho Museum is one of the best of the country, where tradition is one of its main themes. If you are interested in regional products, silverware and leather crafts, this is the right place where to find them Most of the best leather workers and silversmiths’ ateliers are placed here. November is a perfect time to visit San Antonio de Areco. During a complete week the town celebrates the Argentine tradition day with a classic parade showing horses, gauchos’ skills, music and folkloric dances.

Estancia El Rosario de Areco is located 115 km away from Buenos Aires. It is a typical colonial farmhouse that has been completely recycled and refurnished with distinct family atmosphere. The owners belong to very old families of conquerors, patriots and pioneers and they live there. The main house built in 1892, is surrounded by a 14 hectares park that includes stables, two swimming pools, and fully acclimatized fully acclimatized recycled barns for year-round entertainment.

Upon arrival, snacks, wine, and soda drinks will welcome you. Once you are settled; would you like to try your gastronomy skills? We will invite you to discover the secrets behind the Argentina asado (barbecue) and the traditional empanadas. For our people, an Asado Criollo is a ritual, a tradition, a good excuse to meet with friends and relatives. The asado is the perfect occasion to have a great time together. Today will show you how to cook a delicious asado, how to light the fire; prepare the beef, etc. The starter - the classic empanadas, delicious pastries stuffed with cooked beef. This criollo-styled barbecue will be served with different salads and traditional local desserts.

After the meal, enjoy a folk music show and dare yourself to try some steps! It is easy and fun! This afternoon you will witness some gaucho presentations, including horse ring races, traditional gaucho/horse skills and cuadreras races.
Finally, after the afternoon activities, tea, coffee, soda drinks will be served together with home-made cakes and pastries before returning to Buenos Aires pier.

Learn about Argentina’s Gaucho heritage and enjoy an exceptional day at a traditional local estancia.  About 2 hours from Buenos Aires is the rustic town of San Antonio de Areco, right in the center of the pampas, where you stop to discover gaucho life and customs at the Ricardo Güiraldes Gaucho Museum and browse for regional products such as silver and leather crafts.  Continue to the Estancia El Rosario de Areco, a typical colonial farmhouse, where the day’s activities include gaucho presentations; including horse ring races, traditional horse skills and cuadreras races,  all accompanied by a delicious Argentina asado (barbecue) and folk music show.

00:00 - 02:00  Drive from pier to Areco
02:00 - 03:00  Visit the town and its craftmen
03:00 - 03:15  Travel to the Estancia
03:15 - 04:30  Welcome drinks & Lunch
04:30 - 06:00  Enjoy the hospitality of the estancia owners and the activities of the Argentine Pampas   
06:00 - 08:00  Return drive to the pier to rejoin ship

Approximate duration: 8 Hours

 - Tour minimum: 15
 - Tour maximum: 30 per vehicle
 - includes barbecue lunch at the estancia
 - shopping opportunity in San Antonio de Areco

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