Best time to go to Argentina  

Due to Argentina’s vast extension, weather conditions and temperatures vary greatly from destination to destination.

Buenos Aires is a year round destination with mild winters (May – September) and hot summers (November – March) whilst the spring and fall months in between remain warm.

Iguazú falls can be visited year round although the summer months (November – March) can be particularly hot and humid, and the falls have their highest flow at this time of year. The winter months of June through September offer milder temperatures whilst the flow of water is lower than during the summer.

The mountainous Lake District is cool all throughout the year, enjoying a northern European climate. Here, April through June are the months of heaviest rainfall. November through March is considered the best travel time, but is also the time of year that attracts the biggest crowds.

Atlantic Patagonia is mainly cool, with unpredictable changes of weather throughout the year, while the best time to visit the Peninsula Valdés natural reserve depends on the fauna viewing more than on the weather. Whale watching usually takes place between late June and late November while penguin watching is between December and March every year.

Southern Patagonia experiences extremely cold winters (May - September) with much of the infrastructure closed at this time of year. The summers attract the largest crowds as well as the strongest winds whilst the shoulder seasons of spring (September-November) and fall (March – April) see reduced winds as well as colourful landscapes with flora coming into flower.

Central Argentina offers a continental climate and Cordoba and Mendoza can be visited all year round. Winter in both destinations presents cool mornings and evenings with mild afternoons. In the wine country surrounding Mendoza, the harvest takes place in February and March.

Northwest Argentina is best visited during the winter months of April – September when the climate remains predominantly dry and pleasantly warm whilst the summer months of November – March bring hot temperatures and some overcast and rainy days.

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