Lazuli Lodge

The Western Desert

Hotel overview

Based on the outskirts of the beautiful Oasis of Bahareya and the Libyan Desert, Lazuli Lodge is a small oasis village among the impressive dunes. Designed and built with the harmony of the environment in mind, the lodge was constructed using natural materials from the oasis surrounding it.

During the evening, the lodge is decorated with thousands of lights - electricity use is kept to a minimum and where possible is produced through solar power making Lazuli Lodge extremely environmentally-friendly.

Types of Rooms


Standard Room

Standard Rooms are decorated both beautifully and simply with attention to rustic flair and comfort. Each room is equipped with natural furniture to evoke a peaceful ambience for a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Luxury Room

The more spacious luxury rooms are built on the dunes and offer breath-taking panoramic views over the surrounding desert and palm groves.


For a slightly more indulgent stay, the Lazuli Lodge suites are designed for a little extra comfort and luxury. Bedrooms have sun terraces and come in four different interesting themes.


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