COVID-19 Protocols & Entry Requirements

International Travel Status

Open - Egypt reopened its borders for International guests on 1 July 2020.

Access into Egypt

Entry into the country is via any of the countries International Airports. All airports are open.

Entry Requirements

All travelers arriving into Egypt are required to show official certification with negative PCR test results for the COVID-19 virus taken at least 72 hours prior to boarding the plane heading to the country.

Travelers coming from Japan, China, Thailand, North America, South America, Canada, London Heathrow, Paris and Frankfurt will be allowed to provide the test certificate maximum 96 hours prior to the flight time due to the long travel and transit periods at these airports.

Egyptian citizens and tourists travelling to coastal tourist governorates (Red Sea, South Sinai, and Matrouh) are also required now to show their official PCR test results, however, there is a facility for the guests at these airports to do the test incase their test is missing.

Foreigners arriving in Egypt are also required to have their temperature taken, fill out a Public Health Card, and show proof of a valid health insurance policy. It is also recommended that all guests consult their government website for travel requirements into Egypt for further information before travelling.

Please note: The above information has been researched with the utmost care. However, we can provide no guarantee of accuracy and the information and detail change regularly. Please always check travel restrictions both in your home country and the destination you are travelling to before you book and before travel.

COVID-19 Testing

If required, we are able to help facilitate COVID-19 testing for onwards travel. RT-PCR tests, Viral antigen and Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) are available in Egypt. These tests can be arranged with recommended and accredited Egyptian Laboratories that will be suggested to you by your Tour Coordinator upon arrival into Egypt. Once you have applied for the test through the chosen laboratory, your Tour Coordinator will coordinate with the laboratory representative to come to your hotel or cruise to collect the swab at the agreed time. Please note that testing facilities operate from 07:00 to 21:00 with an expected turnaround time of 12 to 48 hours for getting your results back. Payment is to be made either in cash or by credit card directly to the Laboratory representative.


Please note: We are merely acting as a facilitator in order to assist Guests who require a COVID-19 test. All testing is carried out by third parties with no association or affiliation to us and we are not liable or responsible for any issues, delays or problems encountered during the testing process or the performance or non-performance of the testing facilities. 

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